Viladellops Village, Vineyard

Who Doesn’t Love a Purple Bloomin’ Tree?

I will admit that Spring is really the only time of year that I take photos of or talk to this tree. During the rest of the year, I take for granted that it stands its ground on the side of the thirteenth-century church here in the village. But in Spring when it blooms the… Continue reading Who Doesn’t Love a Purple Bloomin’ Tree?

Exploring, Viladellops Village, Vineyard

If This Tree Could Talk

Hanna and I had a lovely hike this morning exploring parts of the vineyard property that I haven't seen before. I have some great things to share with you as to what we saw. Watch this space. Today I'm going to focus on one tree. One gorgeous 1000-year-old Olive tree. We were both in awe… Continue reading If This Tree Could Talk