Xan & Bob

The Joy of Sunshine

Sometimes all you need is a bit of sunshine to bring you joy. At this time of year at the end of the day, the sun shines through our kitchen window and casts a warm glow above one of my Joy signs. 'What is joy—a sunbeam between two clouds.' ~Dorothée de Luzy

Vineyard, Xan & Bob

When life kicks you about

Life can really kick you about sometimes. It can be difficult to imagine that you will get past the current angst and that life will get better. My way of coping with these yucky times is to step outside and remind myself about what's really important. It's simple really. Breathe in and breathe out. That… Continue reading When life kicks you about

Viladellops Village, Vineyard

Unbelievable Contentment

Ah, the season of golden light. Even though I know it is a gradual change it seems to be that a switch has been thrown and the season has changed. The light is different. Golden. Even the slight tinge of color on the vines changes the landscape.     It was a brisk start to… Continue reading Unbelievable Contentment