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Tot anirà bé. Everything will be fine.

Life is about the enjoying and noticing the little things. The little everyday moments that may seem insignificant at the time but those will be the ones that you will draw on in your memory in the years to come.

On a morning in the distant future you will look at how the sunlight glows on the landscape in front of you…and your mind will travel back to a similar morning in your memory. Thinking back on the memory you may then remember other things about that day that will make you smile.

You’ll see a sunrise that reminds you of that sunrise on that one day years ago. You’ll remember standing there mesmerized at how it changes so quickly.

And how different sunrises can be from one day to the next.

Perhaps you will eat a blackberry and the memory of picking wild blackberries on a morning walk will bring a smile to your face.

Will it be the cloudy day on the beach years from now that makes you remember that beautiful still morning on another cloudy day at the beach? You’ll think that a cloudy day at the beach is better than not being on the beach.

Take time to appreciate the butterfly in your garden.

Be happy for the bee that is up before the dawn pollinating your zucchini plants so that you have something yummy to eat.

And just maybe it will a random sign created during a worldwide pandemic that tells you “Tot anirà bé” Everything will be fine.

2 thoughts on “Tot anirà bé. Everything will be fine.”

  1. Me encanta tu energia, siempre dispuesta a dar un paso en positivo, siempre sacando jugo de las pequeñas cosas, siempre dando a entender que las pequeñas cosas, son la grandes cosas. Amando la vida, lo.que te rodea…

    Mucho que aprender Xan, gracias.


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