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A Mountainous Adventure. Part 1

We’ve just had the most mountainous adventure! Three days exploring the Pyrenees with six dear friends. Our friend and former neighbor Gloria moved up to the mountains last year and we have talked about visiting and we finally made the trip. Our convoy of three cars set out at 9am on Saturday.

My wonderful husband Bob drew a couple of maps of where we traveled.

Our first stop was in Saldes, where we met up with our friend Yuko. We had a coffee and then drove up to a lookout spot for Pedraforca.

And the stunning Pedraforca which stands at over 2,500 meters.

Winding down the mountain roads we were then off to a little village called Pi to see Gloria. What a beautiful place.

There are animals behind her home that are visited by the children of the patrons of the restaurant next door.

What a view.

Lunch was next at this amazing restaurant, La Creperia de Bor at El Tupi De La Cerdanya. Oh my! What a yummy lunch that was. We ate, we drank, we took silly photos, and we laughed a lot. A rain shower arrived at the end of lunch which not only cooled down the temperature but made for some gorgeous clouds.

On the way back to Pi we stopped to see the 11th century church, Santa Maria de Talló. We weren’t able to go inside.

Then back to Pi for a walk.

This was all before we drove up the most tortuous road to the hostel where we were staying for the weekend. I only took these two photos because…well…because I was holding on for dear life. ha ha ha

One of the things I wish I could have photographed was a group of campers that had pitched their tents amongst the horses that they had ridden up the mountain. What a cool way to go camping.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “A Mountainous Adventure. Part 1”

  1. This has some very steep photos in it!!! A couple of them, I had to lean back from the laptop with wide eyes!!!
    The sky photos rival the yummy food photos!!! And well, everything is perfect. I’m glad you guys are finally able to get out and do something a bit different. Looking forward to your next installment!

    Liked by 1 person

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