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Capturing One Way or Another

Photographs just don't do justice to all the beauty around us. I attempt to capture the beauty with my camera but sometimes the best I can do is to capture it with my heart. Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter.~Ansel Adams

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Just Some Random Observations

Just some random observations. This tree seems to watch me when I leave for my walk each morning. When walking in a muddy area, it is helpful to observe how the Jabalí navigated the mud the night before. Did they sink deep or did their hooves slip? It is a good indicator of what your… Continue reading Just Some Random Observations

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A Mountainous Adventure, Part 3

And today, the final post of our mountainous adventure. Three days. Eight crazy people. One dog. Probably 1,000km. Amazing local food. As I told you in A Mountainous Adventure, Part 2, Bob and I returned home on Sunday evening. Bob had been asked to give evidence on road safety to The Victorian Parliament in Australia. Due… Continue reading A Mountainous Adventure, Part 3

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A Mountainous Adventure, Part 2

At the end of our tortuous drive, we arrived in Lles de Cerdanya. Another spectacular village. We drove through the village to Fonda Ca l’Abel where we were staying for the next two nights. Or so we had planned. Everyone got settled in their rooms and then headed down the road for a drink. Bob… Continue reading A Mountainous Adventure, Part 2

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A Mountainous Adventure. Part 1

We've just had the most mountainous adventure! Three days exploring the Pyrenees with six dear friends. Our friend and former neighbor Gloria moved up to the mountains last year and we have talked about visiting and we finally made the trip. Our convoy of three cars set out at 9am on Saturday. My wonderful husband… Continue reading A Mountainous Adventure. Part 1