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Can Llobet Espai Rural Slow to Susqueda Reservoir

The trip continues…

After we left beautiful Can Llobet, we drove towards our next masia stay at Can Vila. Earlier in the morning there was a bit of rain which made it seem as if we were driving up in the clouds at times.

Notice there is no white line in the middle of this two lane road. We are glad we met the bus where we did and not around one of the tight corners.

We came across goats grazing along the twisty road.

And around the corner…more grazing goats.

Such a beautiful drive.

We made a stop at Susqueda Reservoir on the Ter River. No one else around except for two workers. Stunning views.

I can’t even imagine what the noise level would be when more than this one release valve is opened.

Making rainbows.

This reminded us of the Yuba River in Northern California.

After this stunning drive we arrived at Can Vila where we stayed the next two nights and explored more of this beautiful country. To be continued…

1 thought on “Can Llobet Espai Rural Slow to Susqueda Reservoir”

  1. Estas carreteras son fantásticas, nunca sabes que te vas a encontrar. Estoy feliz de que las disfruten.



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