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Can Vila – An Enchanting Getaway

The trip continues…

After our lovely visit to Can Llobet Espai Rural Slow and our drive through Susqueda Reservoir we arrived at Can Vila.

Our two-night stay at Can Vila was a gift from our dear friends here for our 25th wedding anniversary. We were greeted at the gate by the two resident doggies, Lupe and Catalina. They were joined by Gloria and Koldo, the owners of this gorgeous 16th century house.

Gloria gave us a tour and showed us to our room…well I should say our Pool Room Suite. Wow!

Once we got settled we went for a walk to the small town of Sant Julià del Llor, well, the half of the town that still stands at that location. The western part of the town was washed away in a flood and thus the town was split into two locations. The Romanesque bridge alone is worth the visit. History.

The rest of the town used to be here…where the bridge is missing. There is more information at this link and this link. But if you want to hear all about it…I say go stay at Can Vila and talk with Gloria and Koldo!

We enjoyed a bottle of red by the pool with Lupe sleeping at our feet. Dinner was served at 9pm and WOW everything was amazing. The first dinner the only thing I took a photo of was the desert. Crème Caramel with orange. YUMMY!!

The dining room of the house is warm and welcoming.

Our table.

The food that Koldo and Gloria made was incredible. Guests were always asking for recipes so when the guest checks out they are asked which recipe they would like and it is printed on the back of their bill. Even though we didn’t receive a bill…we did get two recipes. ♥

Chocolate yumminess for desert.

The other guests were all repeat customers which says a lot about what a special place Can Vila is.

back of the pool suite
Fresh fruit for all the delicious dishes.
back of the pool suite

Can Vila although secluded is close to so many incredible places to visit. Wednesday after breakfast we drove to Rupit and Tavertet and saw so much more of this gorgeous country. More posts to follow with all of the photos we took of that trip.

We knew another amazing dinner was to be served at 9pm so we thought we would just stop for a bit of tapas. The place we stopped at were serving a menu of the day (a normal lunch) but we told her that would be too much. We just wanted some tapas. We suggested a couple of dishes and she then suggested additional ones…OMG! So much food! She ended up bringing an additional table to put all of the tapas on. Thankfully, we were smart and although we tried everything we didn’t finish it all.

We had such a lovely time and thoroughly enjoyed meeting Gloria and Koldo. We feel as if we have two new friends. We look forward to a return visit.

Bob and I have been so blessed by the friends we have made here. A huge thank you to Kim, Virginia, Alex, Montse, Gloria, and Yuko for welcoming us with open arms. Thank you for this very special gift to celebrate our anniversary. We love you all so much. ♥

Here is a photo that we took last August with these wonderful friends.

You can read other posts about this trip at the links below.

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