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Can Llobet Espai Rural Slow – A Magical Place

Two weeks ago, Bob and I took a little road trip to some beautiful parts of Catalunya. I know there are people that think Spain is dry and flat but there is so much more to this amazing country.

We left home mid-morning on Monday and stopped at a few sights along the way. The drive was so beautiful.

Our destination for the first night was Can Llobet Espai Rural Slow. A very special place but made even more so because our dear friends Jordi and Gemma manage the property. Jordi found the property for rent during the Covid-19 lockdown last year and in less than a month opened it for business. Not an easy time to start a new business but they knew it was a dream they wanted to pursue. We, along with everyone that visits, are very glad Jordi and Gemma had this vision. Wow!

Between the gorgeous setting of the grounds, main house, and guest house you could be completely content.

A vermut upon our arrival.

Lunch and cava with a view.

But, then you add the amazing view and well…wow!

Along with some original items from the masia’s history, they have added some unique items.

One of my favorites it the large non-working clock with one hand. There is something to be said about the feeling of tranquility. The passing of time without the acknowledgement of what the time is.

The little touches like flowers from the property placed all around.

The food was amazing, the masia is gorgeous, and our time with Jordi and Gemma magical. We didn’t realize it was a holiday that Monday so Gemma had the day off from her normal job. Her dad was wonderful and took the kids for the night so that the four of us could spend quality time together. So, a BIG THANK YOU to Dad!

To Gemma and Jordi, thank you for creating such a tranquil getaway. We look forward to returning and seeing you soon.

To everyone else, we say check this place out. Book a night or two. Hike the wilderness. Follow Can Llobet on Facebook here. And on Instagram here. The photos and videos they share will make you want to be there.

I leave you with this video of birdsong, the beautiful surroundings, and if you turn up the volume and look and listen closely you will hear the bells from the neighbor’s sheep grazing.

6 thoughts on “Can Llobet Espai Rural Slow – A Magical Place”

  1. I am in awe. This is such a stunning world and I’m so thankful you wander around and share your finds with so many of us. Each photo brought me wonder and a sense of peace and longevity. History with a view. Incredible!

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