First day of Autumn feels like Summer

Hello Autumn! The calendar tells me you have arrived although we are still enjoying Summer temperatures. There was some fog/mist on the hills this morning which made for a beautiful start to the day. Here is a glimpse of the first day of Autumn in the vineyard. The Red Xarel·lo grapes amongst the green leaves of… Continue reading First day of Autumn feels like Summer

Family, Xan & Bob

Bob the birthday boy

I like to celebrate birthdays! I think that the day you were born is pretty darn awesome and it should be a day to celebrate YOU! People who hate their birthdays or grumble because they are getting older are missing the point. Having another birthday is better than the alternative! Bob learned pretty early on… Continue reading Bob the birthday boy

Vineyard, Xan & Bob

Glass of wine well-earned

I sure am glad we escaped to the beach yesterday afternoon. Even though I didn't get a great night's sleep last night I charged through the day getting so much accomplished. Our night was interrupted first by the sound of a tractor shortly after 3am. Then the sound of the harvester and the tractor slowing… Continue reading Glass of wine well-earned

Beach, Xan & Bob

An escape to the beach

There is nothing quite like rewarding yourself with something that completely restores your spirit. A million (perhaps a slight exaggeration) other things on the to-do list that need to be done but the beach was calling us. I was up before the dawn working on accounting stuff this morning and then we had an appointment… Continue reading An escape to the beach