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The Sun Rises on the Grape Harvesting Machine

It is harvest time here in the vineyard. A busy time for all of the staff and temporary staff that are brought in to help. When I am finishing my walk in the morning, they are heading out to one of the plots to start the handpicking of the grapes. Most of the grapes are… Continue reading The Sun Rises on the Grape Harvesting Machine

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Fantabulous Fifty-Four!

Yesterday, I celebrated another trip around the sun. Celebrated my fifty-fourth birthday. Celebrated my life. I've always been someone who loves birthdays. I don't mean being lavished with gifts. I mean celebrating the fact that I was born and although I am far from perfect...I am damn happy about who I have grown to be.… Continue reading Fantabulous Fifty-Four!


What She Had To Offer Was Enough

I'm sure that you have heard that it is the little things in life. The little things that matter. The little things that you'll remember. The little things that bring you joy. The little things that make you smile. I have become pretty attached to the vineyard, the vines, and the grapes. I take time… Continue reading What She Had To Offer Was Enough