Perspective or Hey, Let’s Look at Things Differently

Perspective. Eleven letters. One word. Perspective. Eleven letters strong enough to change your attitude. Perspective. One word strong enough to change your life. Or... Hey...let's look at things differently. ha ha ha My morning walks would sometimes take me past this great old tree here in the vineyard. I noticed and admired the tree for… Continue reading Perspective or Hey, Let’s Look at Things Differently

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A Palette of Grapes Update

On July 30th, I shared this photo on my blog post, A Palette of Grapes. Since taking this photo I have returned to visit this bunch of grapes almost daily. I wanted to enjoy watching the ripening process. Today, I thought I would show you how it looked on Friday. Gorgeous purple. It will be… Continue reading A Palette of Grapes Update

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Let’s Talk Grapes!

Let's talk grapes! Oh heck, grapes are gorgeous and then they become wine. Talk over. Let's just look at the grapes! Grapes! Grapes! Grapes! Here is just a glimpse at the grapes that greet me on my morning walks. A little wool remains from the sheep that grazed in the vineyard during the winter. Grapes!… Continue reading Let’s Talk Grapes!