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Every Storm Has a Silver Lining

Following the gorgeous sunset of Monday, we had a day and night of rain. We need the rain and thankfully we got over two inches. Wednesday we woke to mostly sunny (okay maybe partly sunny but I'm an optimist) skies and decided to get out and run some errands in Sitges. We had a wander… Continue reading Every Storm Has a Silver Lining

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Nature’s Inspiration

Did you take time this week to just stop and look at nature's beauty? A cloud? The sunlight? A tree? A flower in your garden? I did and it was spectacular! And this...the incredible 1,400 year old Olive tree. How many sunrises and sunsets has it seen? And yesterday while we worked in the garden… Continue reading Nature’s Inspiration

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Corpus Sitges 2018 and Mother Nature

Mother Nature is in matter what we wish. Yesterday was Corpus Sitges 2018. A beautiful festival where the streets of Sitges are transformed (by lots of hard work) into carpets of floral designs. This is one festival that Bob and I looked forward to seeing in person last year. I wrote about it here.… Continue reading Corpus Sitges 2018 and Mother Nature