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Grape Harvesting Machine

Early morning on Bob's birthday I heard the grape harvesting machine go through the village. I didn't jump out of bed to see where it was going as I figured it was probably done for the night. I attempted to go back to sleep when I heard a was the sound of rustling leaves.… Continue reading Grape Harvesting Machine

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Glass of wine well-earned

I sure am glad we escaped to the beach yesterday afternoon. Even though I didn't get a great night's sleep last night I charged through the day getting so much accomplished. Our night was interrupted first by the sound of a tractor shortly after 3am. Then the sound of the harvester and the tractor slowing… Continue reading Glass of wine well-earned

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September’s first Friday

Fridays certainly come around quickly here in Spain. We joke that there are 5 Fridays a week. Why is it that when I was in an office all day the weeks just draggggggggged by? It seemed like Friday would never come. Now we blink and it is suddenly Friday once again. I'm not complaining believe… Continue reading September’s first Friday