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Farewell September! Thank You for the Memories

Farewell September! Thank you for the memories. We filled the month with special moments and time together. What could be better? We spent just about every weekday morning at the beach. The few tourists that were here in August had returned home, the kids are back in school here and that meant just a few… Continue reading Farewell September! Thank You for the Memories

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A Simple Sunrise and Spectacular Flowers

Just a simple sunrise on a Tuesday in the middle of September. A plot or two of vines to give the view some depth. Throw in some spectacular flowers. Perfect way to start the day. These gorgeous flowers are called Mirabilis jalapa. That note is especially for my sisters who keep asking me to tell… Continue reading A Simple Sunrise and Spectacular Flowers

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Farewell August. Welcome September.

Farewell to August and welcome September! This crazy year is flying by. I don't want to say thankfully because although it has been a horrible year in many aspects there are still a lot of things to be happy about. Sometimes we just have to remember that. Bob and I bid farewell to August at… Continue reading Farewell August. Welcome September.


Farewell to September’s Touch of Autumn

We are bidding farewell to the first week of Autumn and to September. The month seemed to fly by as they all seem to do. Harvest continues in the vineyard and the vines are showing the first signs of the brushstroke of Autumn colors. Farewell September, thank you for the memories. Welcome Autumn, I look… Continue reading Farewell to September’s Touch of Autumn


September Serenity On The Beach

Ah, September! Welcome! You are one of my favorite months. What's not to like about my birthday month and Bob's birthday month? September. Changes. Beginnings. Endings. Memories. There are a lot of things I want to touch on about this month but for today I will focus on just this... The switch has been thrown.… Continue reading September Serenity On The Beach