Vineyard, Xan & Bob

Finally a walk in the vineyard

After our crazy week following our return from the U.S.A. and Thanksmas, we enjoyed a much more relaxed Sunday. A bit of pottering about the house and garden and finally a walk in the vineyard. We really missed that while we were away. The vineyard has changed drastically from Autumn to Winter while we were… Continue reading Finally a walk in the vineyard

Beach, Friends, Xan & Bob

Exercise for the mind or the body?

On Sunday we had a proper 'Sunday English roast lunch' on the seafront in Vilanova. The restaurant did a wonderful job of creating a vegetarian meal for Mark. The only photo I took was of our glasses of cava that we started the meal with. Believe me, even though I didn't take a photo there… Continue reading Exercise for the mind or the body?


A brush stroke of color

I love Autumn. The color of the landscape is ever-changing and reminding us that change can be a beautiful thing. Sunday afternoon we went for a walk through the vineyard. The young Malvasia vines are enjoying their new neighbors, the white flowers (weeds are just flowers we haven't met). The olives are turning a gorgeous… Continue reading A brush stroke of color