Autumn Beach

We went into Sitges on Monday to pick up my new glasses and decided to have a long walk on the beach. With rain expected in the late afternoon, the clouds and sun played hide and seek. It was quite clear that Autumn had arrived as we watched many of the beach businesses packing up… Continue reading Autumn Beach

Xan & Bob

Nature’s Inspiration

Did you take time this week to just stop and look at nature's beauty? A cloud? The sunlight? A tree? A flower in your garden? I did and it was spectacular! And this...the incredible 1,400 year old Olive tree. How many sunrises and sunsets has it seen? And yesterday while we worked in the garden… Continue reading Nature’s Inspiration

Xan & Bob

What Opportunities Lie Beyond?

October has arrived here in the vineyard with a coolness to the morning air followed by a warm sunny day. The best of both worlds, I think. October! The last three months of 2019. The last three months of the decade. Didn't the year just start? Wasn't it just January when we were thinking about… Continue reading What Opportunities Lie Beyond?


Farewell to September’s Touch of Autumn

We are bidding farewell to the first week of Autumn and to September. The month seemed to fly by as they all seem to do. Harvest continues in the vineyard and the vines are showing the first signs of the brushstroke of Autumn colors. Farewell September, thank you for the memories. Welcome Autumn, I look… Continue reading Farewell to September’s Touch of Autumn

Viladellops Village, Vineyard, Xan & Bob

Life Only Changes If You Do

September is when we would always come to Sitges for vacation, so it is filled with memories. I love that Facebook memories remind me of where I was and what I was doing. This memory popped up two days ago. Four years ago we visited this village for the first time. A year and a… Continue reading Life Only Changes If You Do