Sunrises and Grapes

Ahhh, sunrises and grapes. I realize how many posts I have made of sunrises and grapes. But the sunrise is always different. The grapes are ripening and there are so many of them. As I capture the photos of the grapes I remind myself that harvest will be starting any day and the grapes that… Continue reading Sunrises and Grapes

Viladellops Village, Vineyard

Saturday morning stroll in the vineyard

It was a gorgeous morning here today. Cooler with a light breeze. Perfect for a stroll in the vineyard under the early morning sunlight. Yummy almonds.   This vine is reaching for the sun! Grapes equal wine. Is this heaven? Wild blackberries are growing. The figs are looking good. A defiant stand! Check out where… Continue reading Saturday morning stroll in the vineyard