To All The Grapes They Didn’t Pick

To all the grapes they didn't pick I see you hanging on the vines It makes me very sad It isn't that you're bad I wish you had become some wines. (Sung to the tune "To All The Girls I've Loved Before" by Willie Nelson)


A Palette of Grapes Didn’t Make The Cut

We've all heard the saying, 'It's what's inside that counts.' Well, that is especially true with grapes it seems. A couple of days ago on my morning walk, I decided to go see if my favorite bunch of grapes (and their friends) had been picked yet. As I walked along the end of the rows… Continue reading A Palette of Grapes Didn’t Make The Cut

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The Sun Rises on the Grape Harvesting Machine

It is harvest time here in the vineyard. A busy time for all of the staff and temporary staff that are brought in to help. When I am finishing my walk in the morning, they are heading out to one of the plots to start the handpicking of the grapes. Most of the grapes are… Continue reading The Sun Rises on the Grape Harvesting Machine


Sunrises and Grapes

Ahhh, sunrises and grapes. I realize how many posts I have made of sunrises and grapes. But the sunrise is always different. The grapes are ripening and there are so many of them. As I capture the photos of the grapes I remind myself that harvest will be starting any day and the grapes that… Continue reading Sunrises and Grapes