November Arrived Upon Droplets of Fog

November arrived here upon the droplets of fog that blanketed our village last night and this morning. It made for some stunning photo opportunities. I hope you enjoy them.

An alien invasion, perhaps?!

Nature is truly amazing. We all need to take the time to enjoy the simple things in life. Especially now.

In nature answers are given quietly, in the details, just waiting for discovery.

~Mike Dolan

Oh and the fog burned off and became a spectacular blue sky day. A lovely warm temperature of 73F (23C). All the windows open. Clothes drying on the clothesline. We’re in shorts. Welcome November!

4 thoughts on “November Arrived Upon Droplets of Fog”

  1. YKES!!! Amid that beauty, one thing I kept thinking was this, “If all of those wet webs were dry..they would prove to be very disturbing to walk into!!” I love wet webs, in spite of the inhabitants!! The water drops on the grasses (?) resembled tiny fairy lighting. I absolutely love your work!!!

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    1. I agree with you. I actually carry a tree branch with me most mornings to wave in front of me and knock down the webs as I walk. I hate the feeling of walking into one. I hate to think how many inhabitants there are out there.
      Thank you very much, my friend. I’m glad you enjoy it. ♥

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