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A Palette of Grapes

This is perhaps my favorite grape photo that I have ever taken. I love the shape of the bunch of grapes and the gorgeous palette of colors. “The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the… Continue reading A Palette of Grapes

Vineyard, Wineries

Let’s Talk Grapes!

Let's talk grapes! Oh heck, grapes are gorgeous and then they become wine. Talk over. Let's just look at the grapes! Grapes! Grapes! Grapes! Here is just a glimpse at the grapes that greet me on my morning walks. A little wool remains from the sheep that grazed in the vineyard during the winter. Grapes!… Continue reading Let’s Talk Grapes!

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Celebrating the holidays with friends

What a party we had celebrating the holidays this year. Following our hosting Thanksmas, we continued the celebration with our friends here in the village. Christmas Eve dinner was hosted by Gloria and Yuko at Yuko's home. A cozy dinner for six of us. Traditional Catalan and Japanese dishes were served along with lots of… Continue reading Celebrating the holidays with friends


A brush stroke of color

I love Autumn. The color of the landscape is ever-changing and reminding us that change can be a beautiful thing. Sunday afternoon we went for a walk through the vineyard. The young Malvasia vines are enjoying their new neighbors, the white flowers (weeds are just flowers we haven't met). The olives are turning a gorgeous… Continue reading A brush stroke of color