Someone Thinks Summer is Here

Evidently, Summer is coming...and soon. At least that's what the beaches in Sitges are hoping for. Today we were in town for an appointment and wandered down to the seafront. By the looks of things...they know something we don't know or believe quite yet. I don't remember these railings on the stairs and believe them to… Continue reading Someone Thinks Summer is Here

Beach, Friends, Xan & Bob

Exercise for the mind or the body?

On Sunday we had a proper 'Sunday English roast lunch' on the seafront in Vilanova. The restaurant did a wonderful job of creating a vegetarian meal for Mark. The only photo I took was of our glasses of cava that we started the meal with. Believe me, even though I didn't take a photo there… Continue reading Exercise for the mind or the body?

Beach, Sitges, Xan & Bob

Reflections and Attitude

Waking up to rain, thunder, and lightning made me feel a bit grumpy. We had our writer's group this morning and the thought of navigating raindrops and puddles to get to the meeting was not making me smile. The cafe where we meet is in Sitges and you can't just drive up to the front… Continue reading Reflections and Attitude