Beach, Xan & Bob

Farewell August. Welcome September.

Farewell to August and welcome September! This crazy year is flying by. I don’t want to say thankfully because although it has been a horrible year in many aspects there are still a lot of things to be happy about. Sometimes we just have to remember that.

Bob and I bid farewell to August at the beach where we have spent just about every week day morning this summer. We lunched at Sausalito Sitges Platja many times this summer and last week thinking it was their final week we enjoyed lunch and cava three days in a row.

Friday we arrived at the beach just before 9am and were blessed to find it empty. It pays to get there early…but don’t tell anyone. It’s our little secret.

Thinking it was the last week day Sausalito would be open we celebrated a wonderful summer and instead of a glass of cava each we shared a bottle with our lunch. We relaxed and people watched and had a lovely time.

August is tourist time in Europe and we are always happy when they all return home. Although this year I will admit even though we don’t like the crowds we are sympathetic to all the hotels, restaurants, and shops that are suffering this year due to COVID-19. We say crowds but this year Spain’s tourism was down 75% as is the rest of the world I am sure.

Much to our delight, I saw a post from Sausalito that they were still open on Monday. Well, it was the last day of August so why not! We enjoyed beach time once again. A lovely long swim and then lunch. Of course we had to repeat the celebration so another bottle of cava was consumed.

I think we gave August a lovely send-off.

Welcome September!! Back to the beach we went! We were greeted by gorgeous calm water and…an empty beach.

September is still summer here and it holds wonderful memories for us as it is when we would always come here for vacation. It was right here that we talked in depth about our dream of possibly moving here some day.

Oh how many hours floating in the sea did we dream and talk and hope and then plan. Now, we reminisce by repeating some of those thoughts.

“Do you think we could live here some day?”

“Hmmm…that would be great but how could we do that?”

And now we smile and laugh and as we float about in the sea we say…

“We live here.”

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