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Farewell, 2019! Hello, 2020!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm a little late writing this post and it isn't what I had in mind for my first post of 2020. But...that's life sometimes. Things don't always go the way you plan. Bob came down with a cold on Saturday night and as much as I tried to avoid getting it… Continue reading Farewell, 2019! Hello, 2020!

Xan & Bob

Tranquility Can Be Found Within by Going Out

With all of the chaos happening around the world, sometimes the best thing we can do for our sanity is to turn off the news, stop constantly scrolling on our phones to see what the latest insanity or fake news is and just walk outside. Take time to look up at the clouds. A sunset.… Continue reading Tranquility Can Be Found Within by Going Out

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Nature’s Inspiration

Did you take time this week to just stop and look at nature's beauty? A cloud? The sunlight? A tree? A flower in your garden? I did and it was spectacular! And this...the incredible 1,400 year old Olive tree. How many sunrises and sunsets has it seen? And yesterday while we worked in the garden… Continue reading Nature’s Inspiration