Fabulous February Weather

Just a wander through the vineyard on another gorgeous February day. I hope anyone who is buried in snow (who doesn't like that sort of thing) enjoys these views. My favorite almond tree. We had to say hola to the sheep as we walked past. The shepherd was just arriving so as we walked we… Continue reading Fabulous February Weather


Grazing Sheep With The Setting Sun

One might think I am obsessed with sheep. I'm not really. I mean, I don't have a collection of little sheep figurines or anything. I don't count sheep when I can't sleep. Here's the thing...I am 53 years old and have moved (if I counted correctly) 32 times in my life. This is the first… Continue reading Grazing Sheep With The Setting Sun

Exploring, Vineyard

A Winter’s Tale of Sheep and Almond Blossoms

Do you ever have those days that go completely differently than you planned?! I got up this morning and wrote out my to-do list and what a list it is, let me tell you. It is now 5:30pm and I haven't done ONE thing on the list. And you know what? I am okay with… Continue reading A Winter’s Tale of Sheep and Almond Blossoms