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Close Encounters

Once upon a time (December 20th to be(e) exact), we were sitting in the garden enjoying the warm(ish) winter day. Oh and enjoying a bottle of wine from the Priorat DO. We had emptied the carafe into our glasses when a bee flew into the carafe. I tilted the carafe to free her and in the process she got a bit of wine on her. Poor thing.

The day before I had had a bee land on my hand briefly and thought I would see if she would do the same. I put my hand down on the table and she immediately crawled up on my hand. She was attempting to clean the wine drops off herself. She just wandered around for almost 15 minutes.

You can see the little drops of wine on her.

I will tell you that it tickled as she wandered around.

I’ve read since that a bee landing on you is good luck. Perhaps she thought I was a flower. Or maybe she liked me because I saved her from the wine carafe. I’m just happy she felt safe with me. A close encounter of the best kind.

Another very cool encounter happened last week as we were on our way home with takeaway from one of our favorite restaurants, La Posada. We were looking out for the sheep and boy, did we find them. We turned onto a bridge and there they were…filling the bridge. We tried to back up a bit but some cyclists came behind us so we just had to sit there and watch them surround us.

It was SO COOL! A few of them bumped the car as they went by but we didn’t find any horn marks when we got home. Ah, it would have given the car character. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I love the sheep encounters. I put down my window to capture the last photo. And let me tell you that this is one time that it is a good thing the internet doesn’t have a smell capability…sheep do not smell nice.

2 thoughts on “Close Encounters”

  1. Hola Xan

    Ovejas, Abejas… 😊😊

    Hoy estaba leyendo, otra vez, las primeras entradas de tu blog. Me gusta ver como han ido cambiando las cosas, pasando la vida. Hay mucho que aprender de tu blog, no nos damos cuenta de lo afortunados que somos.

    Besos pareja ❤


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