Exploring, Vineyard

Just Some Random Observations

Just some random observations.

This tree seems to watch me when I leave for my walk each morning.

When walking in a muddy area, it is helpful to observe how the Jabalí navigated the mud the night before. Did they sink deep or did their hooves slip? It is a good indicator of what your feet will do.

This is either a very large owl watching me or perhaps just an old tree.

You are not allowed to have a hamburger and soda in the vineyard. No other restrictions are listed.

Why did someone remove their boot? Their sock? Their glove? And why haven’t they come back to claim them? Do they still have the other boot? Sock? Glove? Oh, and they were not removed and discarded in the same place.

I’ve learned that olive trees like to draw circles in the dirt.

If I think I might need a little more time in my day…I can always just pick some on my walk in the morning.


No matter how gray the sky may be…there is always blue sky behind it.

And hugs (look at the little branch in the middle hugging back) and hearts are always welcome.

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