Finally…A Walk In The Vineyard

Saturday was a great day for us! Saturday was day 50 of lockdown but as of Saturday, we have started the de-escalation of the state of alarm lockdown here in Catalunya. Phase Zero includes the exciting news that we can go outside for walks and exercise. That may surprise many of you that we haven't… Continue reading Finally…A Walk In The Vineyard

Xan & Bob

Unprecedented Changes

Life is about changes. Some we like. Some we don't like. Some we have control over. Some we have no control over. There were changes here in the vineyard that I wanted to tell you about last week. They may seem a bit insignificant now though. Changes like wild asparagus season is over. It was tasty… Continue reading Unprecedented Changes

Xan & Bob

“Distance today will allow us to embrace tomorrow.”

"Distance today will allow us to embrace tomorrow." This was the subject line of an email I received from a wonderful ex-pat women's group, Costa Women, I belong to here in Spain. It really struck a chord with me. I think this is how we all need to look at this time of social distancing… Continue reading “Distance today will allow us to embrace tomorrow.”