If I Could Paint

If I could paint, I think sunrises and sunsets would be the focus of my masterpieces. I would start with the painting the sky that incredible blue. You know, that color of blue that is hard to describe. Next the golden sun still with its yellow tinge. A stroke of pink here. A stroke of… Continue reading If I Could Paint

Xan & Bob

Farewell, 2018!

Where oh where has this year gone? Three hundred sixty-five days that seem to have flown by. Three hundred sixty-five new days to start again. Three hundred sixty-five opportunities to follow my dreams. And although I didn't take advantage of each day like I would have liked I am still very proud of what I… Continue reading Farewell, 2018!

Xan & Bob

A writer’s dream comes true

I would say it was just an ordinary day but truthfully it doesn't feel quite that way. On this day last year, my blog post was "Don’t tread on someone else’s dreams."  I was just starting to follow my dreams then and the words of someone close to me really bothered me. Thus that post.… Continue reading A writer’s dream comes true