Xan & Bob

Wish List


Powerful things, wishes.

During this unprecedented time, I bet we’ve all been doing a lot of wishing. Bob and I started a list when our lockdown started 48 days ago…a wish list. A wish list of the things we want to do when our lockdown here in Catalunya is eased and then lifted eventually.

Our list consists of random things some of which we will do straight away (when allowed) and others are for further down the road. They may seem simple but they help us focus on a time when we have a bit of normal back. Some items in no particular order:

  • Walk in the vineyard
  • Walk on the beach
  • Dinner with amigos
  • Restock wine and cava
  • Dinner/lunch at our favorite restaurants
  • Buy new garden gloves
  • Buy new plants for garden
  • Xan – hair cut
  • Outdoor movies with amigos
  • and much more

When we think of things we can’t do right now we add them to the list. On dreary days when the news of the virus and its effects around the world get to us, it’s good to pull out that list and read through it or add things to it.

Do you have a wish list?


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