Finally…A Walk In The Vineyard

Saturday was a great day for us! Saturday was day 50 of lockdown but as of Saturday, we have started the de-escalation of the state of alarm lockdown here in Catalunya. Phase Zero includes the exciting news that we can go outside for walks and exercise. That may surprise many of you that we haven’t been allowed to do that as lockdown rules are different all around the globe. This new freedom is still strict with rules and there are time slots for different age groups/children etc. to be outside for walks and exercise and you how far from your home you can go. Also if you live in a municipality that has less than 5,000 residents then the time slots do not apply. That includes us! WOOHOO!!

We are very lucky that we have a lovely garden to enjoy so we haven’t been stuck inside but beyond our gate, the property includes 1,000 acres of vineyard and forest so to not be able to wander around has been an adjustment.

Saturday Bob and I went for a long walk. I will admit that I did a little twirl as we started. Freedom.







We really hoped that the Irises would still be blooming on the roof of the stone hut…but it happened without us.





Sure am glad I don’t have to social distance from this guy!


Listening to the sounds of nature.


As an added bonus it was a gorgeous, warm Spring day.

Then Sunday, I went for a walk at sunrise and then we went for a walk together in the afternoon.

It is amazing how the littlest thing can catch your eye.


Just look at these grapes! Good things are coming.



I was taking this photo…


when I heard a noise above me.

I look up to see an Egret fly over. Can you see it in these two photos?



Not a normal bird we see here in the vineyard as there is very little water where they normally love to feed.

I walked down around this little hillside and looked up into the trees for the Egret but didn’t see him. So, I just walked along and took some other photos.




After a few minutes I turned around and there he was at the end of a row of vines eating a lizard. He then wandered about and ate some bugs and wasn’t fussed about me at all.



I watched him for a few minutes and then we said our farewells and I continued on my walk.

The last photo I took on my walk that morning was of my perspective tree. Things sure look differently both through the hole in the tree trunk and where my thoughts were the last time I was able to stop by and take a photo.


“Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.” ~Lillian Dickson

7 thoughts on “Finally…A Walk In The Vineyard”

  1. When you see shorebirds, you forget they eat other things than fish! What a lovely walk you took us on today, I’m glad you can get out. The twirl is absolutely something I can understand and I’m surprised the iris bloomed so fast! Was it cuz they are up higher??? I could chatter about this beautiful post for ages!! Loved the variety of flowers and the lady beetle!! Virtual hugs to you both!!!

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    1. I’m not sure why the Irises blooming on the stone hut finished when they did. There are lots of Irises around and they all seem to bloom at different times. The path to the stone hut still has blooming Irises. Who knows?! Hugs!


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