Perspective or Hey, Let’s Look at Things Differently

Perspective. Eleven letters. One word.

Perspective. Eleven letters strong enough to change your attitude.

Perspective. One word strong enough to change your life.


Hey…let’s look at things differently. ha ha ha

My morning walks would sometimes take me past this great old tree here in the vineyard. I noticed and admired the tree for a long time.


Then one morning in February I looked at it completely differently and thus had a view of the vineyard I hadn’t seen before.



My new perspective continued and I would make a point to pause and view the world in a different way.


And it continued…


Do you notice that just the slightest shift in my view gives me a different outlook?



Today marks four weeks since I took that last two photos above. The Wednesday before my morning walks were put on hold by the lockdown.

As we are all finding our way through this unprecedented time sometimes we need to shift our focus even just slightly to change our perspective. ♥

“You spend years learning what’s important and one heart-stopping moment learning what’s more important.”

~Robert Brault


3 thoughts on “Perspective or Hey, Let’s Look at Things Differently”

  1. I love finding new ways to see things. I have a fence with holes in it (knot holes) and in one section, those holes have marbles or glass. I want to do that on the rest of the fence, it is so cheerful looking!!!
    I appreciate the different views you shared. It really does seem almost like a different scene!

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      1. It did turn out rather fun. A lot of work, I had no idea marbles and glass bits were of different sizes. I had the kid cut holes for me when they were too small and glued in the marbles!


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