Wondering About The Wildflowers

Since I cannot take my daily walks in the vineyard and surrounding forest I have been going through photos I took before the lockdown. The wildflowers were just starting to emerge. I wonder what has bloomed in the past thirty-one days since our lockdown started.

I thought that, like me, you might need a bit of Spring.

















“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.”

~Iris Murdoch

4 thoughts on “Wondering About The Wildflowers”

  1. I adore violets and that crinkly rose…stunning! (do you remember that old lotion called rose milk??? Random thought that just popped into my head with wrinkles!) You can’t get out and walk? People here are walking EVERYWHERE!

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    1. I love the crinkly rose ones too…they will probably be gone by the time we are out of lockdown. Yes, I do remember that lotion. 🙂
      No, we are not allowed to go out an exercise at all. You can walk your dog (we don’t have one) but only one person not a couple or family out walking the dog. One of us is allowed to go to the grocery store or pharmacy but we must carry a form with our details and indicating why we are out. This makes it easier for the police at roadblocks to make sure we are following the rules. We live on 1000 acres of vineyard and forest but are not to leave our house. Thankfully we have a lovely garden so we are grateful for that. I can’t imagine living in a flat/apartment now especially without a balcony.
      We’ll get through it. Spain has been hit hard so I don’t really have a problem with the rules of the lockdown.

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