I Heart ♥ The Beach

So...this happened today. The sun felt so good in our yard and there was no wind for a change so we decided to have some beach time. What these photos don't show is that the wind which was non-existent at our house was blowing cold on the beach. We seriously thought about just leaving as… Continue reading I Heart ♥ The Beach

Grape Ape, Shiraz & Xarel·lo, Vineyard

Grape Ape Checks On The Grapes

Hi, it's me Grape Ape! Long time no see. I've been hanging out inside a lot lately but finally went out yesterday to check on the grapes. It is my first grape growing season living here in the vineyard so this is all new to me. Just a bit of daydreaming amongst the vines. The… Continue reading Grape Ape Checks On The Grapes