Beach, Sitges

Waving Goodbye to January

I've been a bit under the weather with allergies the past few days so I apologize for being absent from blogging. We had a few windy days here and I think that stirred up stuff that drove my sinuses over the edge. Not perfect today (or any day for that matter - HA) but better… Continue reading Waving Goodbye to January

Xan & Bob

Rockery or Rock Garden. Call it what you may.

Spring. Flowers. Garden. Blooms. New growth. Rebirth. Hope. Happiness. Changes. Life. So many of my posts have been about Spring and flowers lately. Sorry if you are getting bored with that but I can't help myself! Winter has her own beauty and I loved that as well. But Spring...well...Spring just renews my spirit! Last week… Continue reading Rockery or Rock Garden. Call it what you may.