The Birth of Carinyena

On one of my last morning walks before our COVID-19 lockdown, I hiked up to an area that we've visited before but not often. I told you about it in this post. There was a very small plot of old vines up there that had recently been removed. In early May, my friend Hanna who… Continue reading The Birth of Carinyena

Grape Ape, Shiraz & Xarel·lo, Vineyard

Grape Ape Checks On The Grapes

Hi, it's me Grape Ape! Long time no see. I've been hanging out inside a lot lately but finally went out yesterday to check on the grapes. It is my first grape growing season living here in the vineyard so this is all new to me. Just a bit of daydreaming amongst the vines. The… Continue reading Grape Ape Checks On The Grapes

Xan & Bob

Six weeks in our new life

Today marks our 6 week anniversary of our new life here in Spain. Part of me thinks how is it possible that we have already been here 6 weeks while the other part of me feels like we have been here forever. Such a big change in lifestyle and surroundings. The change hasn't been hard… Continue reading Six weeks in our new life