Xan & Bob

Duck, duck…goose?

This afternoon I was searching for a particular photo from years ago. Somehow, I came across this series of photos that I took six years ago this month when we first moved to Cary, North Carolina. Well, I was there working already but we hadn't moved yet. Bob was still back in Phoenix, so I… Continue reading Duck, duck…goose?

Xan & Bob

A weekend in the life…

Another wonderful weekend here. Saturday, we started the day with a stop at the local bakery in Canyelles, Cafeteria Fleca Bertran. We had coffee and a pastry and bought a loaf of bread all for €6 ($6.70). The bakery also sells wine, cava, olive oil and jams. This lovely little gem is five minutes from our casa.… Continue reading A weekend in the life…