Xan & Bob

Duck, duck…goose?

This afternoon I was searching for a particular photo from years ago. Somehow, I came across this series of photos that I took six years ago this month when we first moved to Cary, North Carolina. Well, I was there working already but we hadn’t moved yet. Bob was still back in Phoenix, so I visited one of the many parks in Cary, Bond Park. A short distance from our soon to be home.

The lake is surrounded by gorgeous trees that were reflecting their fall colors onto the water. I stopped to take some photos of the ducks and got quite a welcome.


He seemed to like having his photo taken.




What a show this was turning out to be.


And then this! Which I took as a “Well, hello there! Welcome to the neighborhood!”


Okay, maybe he was just telling his friend that the grass looked tasty.

And just like that…our visit was over.


Now, a funny thing happened here in our new home the other day. We went to our wonderful local butcher, Mitjans in Moja to ask if she could get us a whole turkey (pavo) for Thanksgiving. I thought Bob was doing a great job with the language. Yet, there seemed to be some confusion. She asked if we wanted a male or female. Okay, a Tom Turkey please. Possible to get maybe a 2 kg. bird which is a bit over 4 lbs. Hmmm. That was tiny. We are probably going to have seven people so that wouldn’t work. The conversation continued. Catalan. Spanish. English. Back and forth. Might be difficult in November…Christmas time is better. As we kept saying we needed it to be larger – as in a 10 kg. bird – there was an Aha! moment. Oh, you want a goose (oca). No. That’s not it. Bob keeps saying pavo. Then one of the other butchers came over and said that she thinks we are asking for pavo. OH! Pavo (turkey) not Pato (duck).

Now it all makes sense. A 10 kg. (that’s 22 pound) pato (duck) would be impossible to get. That would be one heck of a duck. But an oca (goose) that size is possible but probably couldn’t get a goose that size until Christmas.

A 10 kg. pavo (turkey) is what we need. Phew! Glad we got that figured out.

When I showed Bob these photos today he said this would be the perfect time to tell the story.

Today, we got the call that they can get us an 11 kg. turkey (pavo). Well, at least that’s what we hope we are getting.

You just have to laugh. 🙂


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