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Sunsets are worth stopping for

Wow…I can’t believe that it has been four days since my last post. Crazy weekend. When I finished writing my post last Thursday we were trying to get ready to go away for the weekend for work. We found out shortly after I published my post that we needed to be in Valencia at 8 am Friday morning which meant getting up at 3:30 am. We had had a really crazy busy weird week and completely out of character for us we were not organized for this trip at all. So, we were rushing around trying to get everything together.

I happened to look out the window and saw…



It truly didn’t matter what we needed to get done. The sunset was calling. It wasn’t going to wait for me.

What is it about sunrises and sunsets that lure us into taking a million photos of them? How many photos could we possibly need of the same sunset? Hey Cousin Donna, that question is directed at you!! 😉 I guess the good thing is that with photos being digital these days no one is going to have to purge my sunset photos as I had to do with my parent’s photos. What if that sunset was super special to them and I just discarded the photo?

I walked towards the sunset and kept snapping away. I really wish my parents could have been there to see this one. I think that they would have taken even more photos than me. Oh wait! They did see it just from a different spot…heaven.








We sometimes grumble about the clouds in the sky just as we do the struggles in our lives. But the struggles make us stronger and the clouds…well they make the best sunsets.

I’m glad I stopped the frantic packing to walk outside and stop. Stop for a minute and watch the sky. We only have so many sunsets in our lives. We really shouldn’t miss so many.

“Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under!” 
― C. JoyBell C.

6 thoughts on “Sunsets are worth stopping for”

  1. Sunsets and sunrises are reminders that we were blessed to wake up and see another sunrise and blessed to make it through the day to see sunset. That’s just my take of it. Lol

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