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Random thoughts of the day

Just an ordinary day. Lots on my mind today but struggling with organizing my thoughts into a focused blog post so here are some random things.


Yesterday I had one of my “firsts.” I got my hair colored for the first time since we moved here. Almost eight months since the last time it was colored so it was a bit over due. Now anyone who has colored their hair may know this is usually causes some anxiety. What if the color isn’t right? What if the color is awful? What if I look awful? (maybe that’s just me). It doesn’t seem to matter to me how many times I have my hair colored I still have some of these thoughts. And with good reason. I once went to a very respectable salon with highly trained people and…well…I walked out with purple tinged hair. I went back the next day where it took two people three hours to fix. So…the anxiety is warranted.


Anyway,  I have a fabulous hair stylist here. Thanks to our friends Marta and Marc for the recommendation. I really wanted to get my hair colored but was anxious for all of the normal reasons and also due to the language barrier. She speaks Catalan. Sadly I do not. How would I explain what I wanted? Ah yes, old photos! You know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” well it really is! And I love how my hair turned out.


It has been gloomy here today and wow has it cooled off suddenly. Frío is the word we are all using when we talk about the weather. Brrr. Now it still got up to 55°F (about 13°C) but the low overnight was 41°F (5°C). So the house is cooler. As I type this Bob is building a fire so it will be warm soon. We have yet to turn the heat on and the fireplace makes a big difference. Thankfully it is warming back up over the next couple of days. Considering that my sister Vicky has already had snow a couple of times in Denver, Colorado, I really shouldn’t complain. But…man…it is frío!!!

General strike

The political crisis here in Catalonia and Spain is crazy right now. A lot has happened since my post here. No one knows how this will all play out. Today a general strike was called. Roads were blocked. Train and bus services interrupted. Shops closed. Businesses closed. We knew it was happening so planned to stay home anyway.

TV series being filmed here

Tomorrow a TV series is being filmed here in the village of Viladellops. The series is called “Genius” and is directed by Ron Howard. This is the second season and will  be about Pablo Picasso who is being portrayed by Antonio Banderas. Excited yet?! They have been shooting in Sitges the past couple of days. Our homes in the village are to be the depiction of the Basque village of Guernica which was bombed by Nazi Germany at the request of Franco during the Spanish Civil War. Guernica is a mural-size painting by Picasso.

We are told that because our homes are the scene of the bombing that the filming here will involve special effects. We have had to move our car from in front of our gate and I am sure that there will be restrictions for us getting in and out of our home tomorrow. Truthfully I am not fussed by this. I look forward to checking it all out from whatever vantage point I can.

Oh…we’ve been told that Antonio will probably not be here. But if Ron Howard is…I’m good with that. What a career he has had!

So those are my random thoughts for today.


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