Xan & Bob

A week of firsts for me

This is to be a week of firsts for me. Nothing major in this big thing called life but notable to me. Bob flew to England on business yesterday morning. Big deal you may say. Well, since we arrived we have done everything together as far as going places, getting groceries, and doing the everyday… Continue reading A week of firsts for me


Toledo to Madrid…until we meet again Spain

We leave Córdoba and head for Toledo. Bob visited Toledo back in 1993 and was eager to show me the Alcázar of Toledo. Unfortunately, he was totally disappointed.  When he saw it previously it was almost as it had been during the Civil War. It included interactive exhibits and you could totally get a feel for the… Continue reading Toledo to Madrid…until we meet again Spain


Ascari Circuit, Ronda and Carmona

After escaping the parking garage we head off to the Circuito Ascari. Ascari is currently the world's best country club type track. Set in the hills near Ronda in SE Spain the facility is tucked away from view and perfectly placed for a private member's circuit. The track itself features a number of alternate layouts, and some interesting… Continue reading Ascari Circuit, Ronda and Carmona