After a short drive from Carmona we arrived in Córdoba. We checked into our hotel, Hotel NH Córdoba, which is located across the river from La Mezquita.

La Mezquita (Mosque) – Catedral (Cathedral) of Córdoba is an absolute must see! It dates back to the 6th century and the history is just amazing. I encourage you to click on the link and learn about its history. Also, I must recommend the documentary “When the Moors Ruled In Europe” once again.

The building is 24,000 square meters or 258,334 square feet. It contains a mosque and a cathedral.

I remember that we found a bench and just sat there. Looking around. Noticing the details. Just taking it all in. I felt that we had to stop walking to truly absorb the sheer scale and details of this incredible place.

We then went on to Alcázar de Córdoba (Royal Palace) for a wander through the gardens.

Statues of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand meeting with Christopher Columbus in 1492 before his first voyage to the Americas.

On my visits to Europe I have always been humbled by the history and the age of places. I love that Bob knows and remembers world history and is always eager to share his knowledge. I’ve learned so much on this trip.


We have one more stop before our tour comes to an end. Toledo.

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