Xan & Bob

Nuevos Amigos

Saturday afternoon we went to our neighbor Gloria’s home to have lunch with her and our next-door neighbors Kim and Virginia. I had told you that we had a lovely time with them a few weeks ago and when we set this date we agreed to all learn a bit more of each other’s languages before then. I also told you that I have been lacking the confidence to attempt to speak Spanish as I am nervous of making mistakes. Well, there is something about friends whether old or new that put you at ease. We all learned from each other and plan to get together weekly to not only enjoy our new friendship but to also learn our languages.

Gloria gave us a tour of her home and like ours and like Kim and Virginia’s each casa has some similarities but they are also different. Each casa has its own character. Its own personality. One of the old buildings near us which until a couple of weeks ago had been used to house chickens is now being renovated to make a new casa. We are looking forward to watching the transformation and of course I will share it with you.

Gloria and Virginia had made us a fabulous lunch which we enjoyed with cava and wine. It was so much fun learning more about each other and sharing stories. One story we attempted to tell was the story of Bob and the gas bottle. But it was just too much to try to get all the words correct so that it made sense. So, I copied the story from my blog and dropped it into Google Translate. Kim then read it aloud and the insanity of the whole experience was then shared.

Following dessert, we all came to our house for coffee in the courtyard. They all have dogs and it was time to take the nightly walk of the vineyard with the doggies. We joined them and saw parts of the vineyard for the first time. They shared what different plants were as we walked. Fennel, thyme, sage, rock tea, and apricots. They told us that there are mushrooms in the winter so we will plan an expedition together when it is time. We stopped at one point where there is a well and they filled a cup for the dogs to have a drink.

One of the things that we find so wonderful is that even though they have lived in the vineyard/village for years they still love and appreciate it like Bob and I do having just arrived. You may be saying, “well, why wouldn’t they?” My thoughts exactly however I know people who live in beautiful places i.e. Carmel, CA that just exist there. They don’t embrace or appreciate its beauty any more. How sad.

It was a wonderful long walk and the perfect way to end the day with our new friends. Lunch started at 2pm and we wandered home from the walk just after 8pm. We love it here and are so thankful to have such wonderful new friends.

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