Sitges to Aragón – motor racing and fishing

The tour of Spain continues with us driving to the MotoGP at Ciudad del Motor de Aragón. The drive from Sitges is absolutely stunning and one we will make again and I’ve included that story here as well.

We went to the race track on Saturday so that we would have a better chance and more time to catch up with old friends. It was great to see friends some of whom we had not seen in many years. It also always fun to check out a race track we have never been to. On this first trip to Spain we will actually go to four tracks over the two weeks.

We spent time visiting with friends and also hiking up to different vantage points around the track.

We left the track late afternoon and enjoyed the two-hour drive back to Sitges before a lot of the race fans were back on the road. We stopped at El Tros for a visit with Marc and a drink and then back to Dolce Sitges for dinner.

The following September we really hadn’t made plans to go to the track but decided on a whim to head up there on Sunday. It seemed strange that there weren’t any motorbikes zooming past us or a lot of cops about. We started thinking that maybe it was the wrong weekend for the MotoGP. Yes, we should have known but to be honest we just didn’t remember that the race weekend had been moved on the calendar to the following weekend. The track had a function going on so we just wandered around for a bit…after all we had just driven two hours to get there.

On the way back we stopped a few times to really enjoy the scenery since we couldn’t do that the year before. It really is beautiful country.

The town of Mequinenza sits beside the Segre River close to where it meets the Ebro River. And across from the river are these gems. The Castle of Mequinenza and the remains of the old town church.

As we were taking the photos above we noticed quite a bit of commotion by the river so we wandered over to see what was happening. Wow! We did not expect this! What we read online later was that people come from all over Europe to try their luck at catching one of the large catfish in this river. These guys were visiting from Germany. This one measured in at 2 meters or about 6.5 feet. And yes, they did release it after the measurements and photos were taken.

Our next stop on my first trip to Spain…Granada. You will not want to miss that. Stay tuned.

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