Dining, Friends

Lunch at Gloria’s

Our lunches and dinners with friends here are such special times. We love the pace of these gatherings. No rushing. No hey, this is lunch and I have lots of things to do at home let's hurry up. Just a wonderfully relaxed time with friends. Yesterday's lunch at Gloria's was six hours. ♥ Gloria has… Continue reading Lunch at Gloria’s

Xan & Bob

A weekend in the life…

Another wonderful weekend here. Saturday, we started the day with a stop at the local bakery in Canyelles, Cafeteria Fleca Bertran. We had coffee and a pastry and bought a loaf of bread all for €6 ($6.70). The bakery also sells wine, cava, olive oil and jams. This lovely little gem is five minutes from our casa.… Continue reading A weekend in the life…


Lunch in the heart of Catalonia

Yesterday we went out to lunch with our friend Marc. We went to see good friends, Joan (pronounced John in English) and Anna, at the oldest of their family's three restaurants, La Posada in Sant Pere Molanta. The restaurant is located in a village of 500 people which is surrounded by vineyards. This is traditional Catalan food and as is… Continue reading Lunch in the heart of Catalonia