Dining, Friends

Lunch at Gloria’s

Our lunches and dinners with friends here are such special times. We love the pace of these gatherings. No rushing. No hey, this is lunch and I have lots of things to do at home let's hurry up. Just a wonderfully relaxed time with friends. Yesterday's lunch at Gloria's was six hours. ♥ Gloria has… Continue reading Lunch at Gloria’s

Book Tour and Launch, Family, Friends, Xan & Bob

Book Launch and Friends

Wow! The past few days have been a blur. Sunday's book launch at Montroig Cafe went great and I was able to Skype in and see everyone. We opened a bottle of cava here to celebrate...yes it was 9am here but you only have your very first book launch once. Oh and if you haven't… Continue reading Book Launch and Friends

Viladellops Village

Peeking in on the neighbors again

Many months ago I wrote a blog about peeking in on the neighbors. Our feathered neighbors that is. Sometimes when we walk past their home I try to talk to them in my best Donald Duck voice. Hoping they will understand that better than my English or Spanish. The other night we stopped by their… Continue reading Peeking in on the neighbors again