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A Semi-Busy Weekend

What a lovely weekend we’re having. Friday we spent most of the day with our friend Mark. A trip into Barcelona to IKEA where we all said we just needed some food items from their grocery section and then somehow filled up a shared shopping cart. Then on to the huge Alcampo grocery store in Sant Boi. We have a local one in Vilanova that is big but the one in Sant Boi is probably twice the size. It was the first time Bob had been there. This time the shared shopping cart (none of us needed much) wasn’t enough. Between the amazing plants we all bought and Bob and I finding new bathroom towels, plus the 2kg of strawberries for three euros and so on. After cramming it all into the car next to the IKEA purchases we then went to lunch at Muerde La Pasta. Back home for a few hours as Bob potted the new plants and I worked in the office.

Friday night we had a lovely dinner next door at Kim and Virginia’s along with our other neighbor Yuko. ‘Es una cena sencilla…’ (it’s a simple dinner) was a small feast. Such a wonderful time with friends. Cava and five incredible wines to taste (for everyone but me as I was driving to the airport at 4am). Incredible. The evening was made even better with a thunderstorm that brought the first measurable rain we have had in months. We were all thrilled!






Up at 4am to take Mark to the airport made for a short night’s sleep but that’s what friends do. Support each other. 🙂 Back home and a short “nap” before having a lazy day at home. Lazy as in I did some writing and Bob watched some racing.

Today I made blueberry pancakes from scratch as blueberries are coming back into season here. Then Yuko, Bob and I went for a two and a half hour walk on the property. We showed Yuko places she hadn’t seen before and revisited places we hadn’t seen in a while. A gorgeous Spring day spent outside.


I always love capturing our village from different vantage points.












We wandered up to the back gate of the neighboring vineyard.




Incredible views no matter which direction we look.


And the walk continued…more photos and another post to come tomorrow. ♥






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