Beach, Dining, Friends, Vineyard

Vineyard Walks, Dinner, Movie, Writing, Beach

Did everyone have a fabulous weekend? Did you get outside and enjoy a bit of nature? Did you get together with family or friends and enjoy each other’s company? Did you work on one of your dreams or goals? Did you watch anything good on TV or see a movie? Were you missing family and friends that are far away?

You too, huh? Sounds like your weekend was just like mine.

Following my Friday of being done peopling, I stayed close to home this weekend. We avoid Sitges unless absolutely necessary in August and avoid it on the weekends throughout Summer as there are way too many tourists. That means the beach is also off-limits on the weekends. 

Early morning walk on Saturday.







We watched MotoGP and Formula 1 from the comfort of our living room. No photos.

Then we had one of our dinner and movie under the stars get-togethers with our friends. Always a fun time and wow…everybody always makes such incredibly yummy dishes!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had such a great time! As always!!

Sunday I spent most of the day writing. Catching up on some short stories for our Writers’ Group’s next book. Also some writing for my novel. This was followed by watching the Formula 1 race. I thought I would try to multi-task and write while we watched by the race was too exciting to do that.

I didn’t get to Skype with my sisters, for the second weekend in a row, because one of them was sick. Thus my feeling very, very far away from family right now.

Monday early morning walk was gorgeous once again.









Then early morning time on the beach before the crowds invaded. This is how we like it. Nice and empty.



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