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You Do You!

I’ll be honest I am struggling with writing this blog today. I’m in a bit of mood and I want to have a rant. I’ve typed and erased this post a least six times now.  As I sit here having a lovely glass of red I have made a decision. Okay, I’ve made a couple of decisions. Make that a few.

  1. I am done peopling today.
  2. Instead of having a rant, I am not going to allow them (those that I am done peopling with) to spend any more time in my head. There. Done.
  3. I am turning my focus back to what matters most to me and my life. You can call that selfish or self-preservation.

Now. Let’s do this.

Happy Friday everyone! Happy first Friday of August! Wow! Wasn’t it just January? As we all know there are just twenty-four hours in each day. I sure hope you are taking the time to do something you love. Something that makes you happy.

I’ve been enjoying my early morning walks. Yes, there are some mornings that I just don’t want to get up early but as soon as I step outside the door I am thrilled that I did. The peace and quiet, the dawn breaking, the birdsong, the wonder of nature that is awakening from the dark of night.

Since my discovery of my favorite bunch of grapes earlier in the week, I have made it a part of my walk every day to check on their ripening.


Of course, they aren’t the only ones so I’ve captured a few other photos.








There are the beautiful flowers that bloom at night and have a heavenly scent. I like seeing them in the early morning light before they rest waiting for nightfall again.








The sunlight.





The Swallows gathering on the wire to chat about all the tasty bugs they just ate before taking flight for another feast.




I know how important this time is for me. My mind, body, and spirit all benefit from this precious time that I take just for me.

I guess my message to you today would be…YOU DO YOU! Do what YOU know is right for you at the moment it is right for you. Be this grape!


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