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La Primavera Picnic at Albet i Noya Winery

Ah, Spring. La Primavera! A time to celebrate beginnings. A fresh start. Something new. We discovered a new favorite everyday wine while under our COVID restrictions here in Catalunya. Unable to get to the store where we bought one of our everyday wines...we were forced to try new wines. So, we chose four or five… Continue reading La Primavera Picnic at Albet i Noya Winery

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Let’s Talk Grapes!

Let's talk grapes! Oh heck, grapes are gorgeous and then they become wine. Talk over. Let's just look at the grapes! Grapes! Grapes! Grapes! Here is just a glimpse at the grapes that greet me on my morning walks. A little wool remains from the sheep that grazed in the vineyard during the winter. Grapes!… Continue reading Let’s Talk Grapes!

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September’s first Friday

Fridays certainly come around quickly here in Spain. We joke that there are 5 Fridays a week. Why is it that when I was in an office all day the weeks just draggggggggged by? It seemed like Friday would never come. Now we blink and it is suddenly Friday once again. I'm not complaining believe… Continue reading September’s first Friday