Viladellops Village, Vineyard, Wineries

September’s first Friday

Fridays certainly come around quickly here in Spain. We joke that there are 5 Fridays a week. Why is it that when I was in an office all day the weeks just draggggggggged by? It seemed like Friday would never come. Now we blink and it is suddenly Friday once again. I’m not complaining believe me!

It’s been an interesting day. Late this morning I spent some time capturing photos of the harvest process once the grapes arrive at the winery. It was great to see the what happens next. I will be writing about that soon but I want to confirm some of the details with Hanna so that I make sure I am giving you accurate information.

While I was waiting for things to start I snapped a few photos. Gorgeous blue sky today. We had one heck of a storm last night. Over an inch of rain which is not needed at this stage of the harvest. Knocked the power out to the whole village this time. Today Mother Nature made up for it.





A couple of photos inside the winery.



We’re off to our neighbors in a few minutes for another open air movie night. Not sure what the film is tonight but it is sure to be fun. Here are my posts on the other open air movie nights we have had this summer.

Sant Joan Festivities

A Night Under the Stars

Dinner and a movie alfresco

Tomorrow morning Hanna and I are taking a walk to a part of the vineyard property I haven’t seen yet. There is something historical and interesting there that we want to share with you.

Happy Friday!

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