Dining, Friends

Dinner and a movie alfresco

Friday night we had another neighbor dinner/open air movie night. Fourteen of us gathered at Tony and Consol’s home. Their home is across the road from Alex and Monte’s where we had our first movie under the stars back in June.

A beautiful authentic masia that has been in the family for ages. I wonder what it is like to come back to a family home that has been filled with memories of your relatives. Stories being told of gatherings and holidays and happy times along with the sad. My Grandparent’s homes have long since belonged to other families who are making memories. I just wonder what it must be like. Last July when I was back in Connecticut helping my cousin Donna and her husband Carl move we did a bit of going down memory lane. We drove by our Grandparent’s home and talked of the memories we had shared there. If only…

Anyway, back to Friday night. The sun was setting and a different view of our village made for an incredible backdrop.









Of course we had to take the silly photos. What a crazy fun group of friends.





I’ve said it before and will say it again…we are so incredibly blessed and thankful to have found these wonderful neighbors who are now such dear friends.

A dinner with more food, cava, and wine than we could consume. But we did our best. There is nothing like great food and great friends to remind you how much you have to be grateful for.





Another perfect setting for a movie under the stars. The movie of the night was “The Illusionist.” Quite clever.


A perfect summer’s night with friends.

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