A weekend in my hometown

What a great weekend I’ve had back in my hometown. Lots of work packing but really enjoying time with family. Yesterday we did a bit of shopping and I showed great restraint. The fact that I am not buying stuff just to buy stuff anymore is a big help but the fact that anything I buy has to go in the suitcase helped also.

After that Donna and I went to the cemetery where our Grandfather and several other relatives are buried. I brought some of my Mom’s ashes to scatter so we scattered some with her Dad and our other relatives. An emotional reunion and one I think she would appreciate.

Being back where she grew up and where I was born is always special to me. It brings back so many memories of my own but probably more of the memories she shared with me. Even though she hadn’t lived here in many years it was always “home” to her. She spoke of it fondly and could tell you stories of people and places in such detail that you felt you had been there with them.

We drove past our Grandmother’s old house where our moms grew up along with their brother.  Took a photo from the road. Many years ago, when Mom and I were back here visiting, she, Donna, and I went by the house and were brave enough to knock on the door. A young couple with a baby had purchased the house and had done lots of work to it. The young mother was, thankfully, not freaked out by us knocking and telling her our history with the house. She was gracious enough to show us around. It was a wonderful experience.


Yesterday afternoon we went to my cousin Brian and his wife Michele’s home for a barbecue and early birthday celebration for Michele. Their daughter Alisha and her husband Mike were there along with the latest addition to our family, their adorable daughter Mackenzie, who is 11 months old. She was the center of attention as she should be and I took a ton of photos. It was a such a fun afternoon getting caught up with everyone. Alisha is bringing thirteen 13-year-old students to Madrid and Barcelona next month. I can’t even imagine what that will be like. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see her while she is there. Before we left the birthday girl, Michele, promised that she and Brian would come visit us in 2018. I got it on video so no excuses. 😉


Back home in Spain there was a wedding at the vineyard on Saturday. What a beautiful setting. They are planning to do more events going forward. Sunday, Bob went to a barbecue at our friend Wayne Gardner’s house and caught up with some old friends from Australia. He also met and made new friends. It was a good weekend.

Today…the packing continues.

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